HDPE Low Friction Ducting and Accessories

A high performance low friction HDPE sub-duct system providing excellent cable protection and management for underground networks. The tough outer HDPE coating provides lifetime mechanical protection while the internal solid polymer coating provides permanent lubrication and a low coefficient of friction for optimised lengths of cable installation.

Available Options:

  • Direct Install Sub-duct
  • Direct Install / Direct Bury General Purpose Sub-duct and Main Duct
  • Direct Bury Heavy Duty Main Duct
  • Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH)
  • Bundled Duct Assemblies
  • Bespoke products to meet your individual needs

We also offer a comprehensive range of connectors and accessories to provide a complete solution. All of these items are listed below.

High Performance Low Friction Duct

  • High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Permanent low friction internal coating
  • 16 to 75mm outer diameter (OD)
  • Smooth or ribbed inner wall
  • Supplied empty, pre-roped, pre-taped or pre-cabled
  • Mono duct or multi-duct configuration
  • Supplied on drums, strapped coils or straight lengths
  • Manufactured to customer specifications

Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) Low Friction Duct

  • Flame retardant properties for use in buildings and tunnels
  • Manufactured to IEC332/1
  • Size and colours to suit requirements

Anti-rodent Low Friction Sub Duct

  • Designed to withstand and repel rodent attacks
  • A fibre glass layer encased between 2 PE sheaths prevents rodents from causing costly damage

Bundled Duct Assemblies

  •  Multi-duct bundles to suit various applications

Push-Fit / Compression Connectors

  • Push-fit and compression mechanism
  • 20 to 63mm

Compression Connectors

  • Watertight and airtight screw on fitting
  • 16 to 63mm
  • 32 and 37mm with integrated lubricating nozzle

Threaded Connectors

  • For joining two lengths of duct without greatly increasing the overall diameter
  • 23.1 to 118.1mm

Duct Clip

  • Fix to walls with screws 
  • 2x 40mm

Pulling Eyes

  • Tapered, threaded sub-duct pulling eye with clevis end
  • 17 to 45mm

Connector Swivels

  • For pulling fibre optic cable
  • Non-fused and fused (with shear pins) options available

Pulling Harness

  • For pulling cable or sub duct together
  • 2, 3 and 4-way


  • Standard screw type rope links
  • 8 to10mm

Low Friction Draw Cord

  • For pulling in cable and /or duct
  • 5kN, 8kN and 11kN

Duct Cutters

  • Standard duct cutters
  • 42 and 63mm

Pre-Cabled Duct Cutters

  • For cutting duct in a controlled fashion without damaging pre-installed cables
  • 25 to 40mm

Chamfer Tools

  • Provides a chamfered edge on the inside and outside of the duct
  • 32, 37 and 40mm

Flexible End Caps

  • Universal seal for preventing ingress of silt and water
  • Outer fit