Telecoms Accessories

We offer a comprehensive range of accessories which can be used accross our Telecoms Ducting Systems. Accessories which are specific to our HDPE Low Friction Ducting or HDPE Twin Wall Ducting can be viewed on those pages.

End Cap

  • Dust tight temporary seal
  • Outer Fit

Duct Brush

  •  Cylindrical bristle brush for cleaning duct bores

Duct Mandrel

  •  Steel mandrel with swivelling eyes for proving duct runs

Draw Cord

  •  6kN  polypropylene cord used for pulling cable or sub-duct into ducts

Cable Duct Lubricant

  •  Wet lubricant used to facilitate cable/duct pulling

Warning Tape

  • Printed fibre optic cable
  • 100µ thick
  • 365m rolls

Duct Organiser

  • For use in duct management
  • 2, 4, 6 and 8-way

Duct Sealing Systems

  • A complete range of high quality duct sealing systems providing airtight and gastight protection in the duct network
  • Please refer to our Duct Sealing Systems brochure for full details