RadBox™ Modular Chambers

RadBox is a high performance pre-formed underground access chamber for use in any non-carriageway civil engineering project. It is a fully modular system comprising of interlocking panels and corners which fit together to create almost any size of chamber.

RadBox is suitable for use in all types of buried networks and utilities. It is an ideal choice for projects with large or unusually sized chambers. RadBox Access Chamber is manufactured to BS EN124:1994 Class D400 so it is suitable for non-carriageway applications in car parks and pedestrian areas where there is no heavy vehicle access.

  • Single visit installation within two hours: no specialist skills or additional equipment needed
  • Suitable for new build and retrofit: chambers can be benched to avoid existing services
  • Create almost any size and depth combination: easy to use jointing pins link multiple panels
  • Excellent side and vertical wall stiffness and chemical and weathering resistance
  • More environmentally friendly: no site material waste, no concrete backfill required
  • Delivered as a compact lightweight flat-pack for economy and convenience
  • Furniture and floors simply bolt on to the chambers walls
  • Duct entries are easy to cut using a standard holesaw mounted on a cordless drill


  • Five panel sizes which can be used as single panels or connected together with joint pins – 450, 600, 750, 900 and 1050mm
  • Corner joints are used to form the final chamber. Multi chambers can be achieved by using cross joints
  • Panels of 150mm and / or 500mm (depth) can be stacked to achieve the desired depths
  • Please see our Access Chambers brochure for a size selector


  • Supplied with fixing kit
  • Galvanised to EN1461

Cable Bearer

  • Galvanised to EN1461

Wall Bracket

  • Supplied with fixing kit

Plastic Floors

  • Can be supplied pre-fitted in standard or 'drop-in' types

Frames and Covers

The following covers can be supplied with either standard or rising frames (Class D400 BS EN124:1994) and lockable and security options

  • Concrete
  • Recessed
  • Ductile Iron