Special Assemblies

After 23 years of serving the telecoms market, we know that there are many situations when standard microtubing isn't enough, so we've designed a range of special assemblies to meet various environmental challenges.

Our special assemblies are all made to order so please contact us for further information.


  • For aerial installation where underground access is not possible or would be less economical
  • Self supporting
  • UV stablised
  • Figure of 8 construction with steel strength member

Armoured (Direct Bury)

  • Designed to withstand heavy duty installation
  • Also offers very effective anti-rodent protection
  • A corrugated steel layer encased in inner and outer PE sheaths provides extra strength for demanding applications 

Anti-Rodent (Direct Bury)

  • Designed to withstand and repel rodent attacks
  • A fibre glass layer encased in inner and outer PE sheaths prevents rodents from causing costly damage

Anti-Termite (Direct Bury)

  • For use where termite activity is likely
  • Nylon12 and aluminium layers encased in inner and outer PE sheaths provide mechanical and chemical protection against attack by termites and ants (and their formic acid)

Chemical Resistant

  • For use in environments at risk of chemical contact
  • Maximum chemical resistance is provided through four layers of protection; an initial aluminium layer, an inner PE sheath, a chemical resistant layer and an outer PE sheath