Our easy to use range of Push-Fit Connectors are the perfect complement to our MiniGlide and MicroGlide microtubing. Available in a range of sizes for 3 to 16mm microtube ODs.

Other push-fit fittings such as close down assemblies and bulkhead connectors are available on request. Please contact us for more information.

Straight Connector

  • For joining microtubes of the same OD and ID




  •  For joining microtubes of different diameters



Direct Bury Connector

  • A tough straight connector suitable for direct buried jointing of thick walled microtubes



End Stop

  • For sealing the end of an open microtube



Direct Bury End Stop

  • A tough end stop for sealing the end of direct buried thick walled microtubes



Water Block Connector

  • Provides a watertight seal
  • Suitable for tube to tube connections also available in an end stop style for tube to cable seal
  • Passive type offers a set cable aperture size
  • Active type offers a compression seal which allows you to blow through a cable and seal after installation. This type caters for a range of cable ODs.



Gas Block Connector

  • Provides a watertight and gastight seal
  • The internal seal can be open to blow cable through and closed after installation to provide a complete seal
  • Tube to tube connection
  • Caters for various cable diameters



Gas Block End Stop

  • Provides a watertight and gastight seal for the end of a microtube
  • Tube to cable seal
  • Caters for various cable diameters



MiniGlide Sealing Plug

  • A range of watertight and airtight plugs for the sealing of ducts occupied by MiniGlide microtubes