FTTx Microtubing Systems

MiniGlide™ and MicroGlide™  are microtubing systems developed specifically to meet the requirements of Metro and Access FTTx networks.

The modular tubing infrastructure is based on individual small diameter tubes supplied loose or bundled in cable-like assemblies for use in new or existing networks.

The flexible systems allow for future expansion without the initial fibre outlay as each tube is populated when required by blowing in fibre mini-cable or blown fibre units, leaving empty tubes to satisfy further demand.


  • Great design flexibility:
    simplified planning -no need to guess future fibre requirements
  • Reduced CapEx:
    maximised network capacity, less splicing and engineering costs
  • Reduced OpEx: 
    easy network expansion, connection and upgrade
  • Increased reliability:
    point to point connections - no disruption to live fibre
  • Top quality:
    high performance design and materials

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