Installation Methods

There are several ways to install an FTTx network which are determined by the environment in which you are deploying. We have systems which suit each installation method.


Enables aerial pathway to the end user by suspension from overhead telegraph poles. Ideal for solutions where underground access is not possible or is the least economic solution

  • Self supporting
  • UV stablised
  • Figure of 8 construction with steel strength member

Direct Install

 Install into a new or exisiting main duct

  • Single sheath construction
  • Ducting offers protection from weather and temperature changes



Direct Bury

Install directly into the ground, where there are no ducted networks

  • Double sheath construction
  • Ducting offers protection from weather, temperature changes, impact and physical damage

Mole Ploughing (Direct Bury)

Specialist machines dig the trench and lay the duct in one operation

  • Special heavy duty tube assemblies

Slot Cutting/Micro Trenching (Direct Bury)

Narrow slots are cut in an existing roadway using specialist machines

  • Restored with minimum renovation
  • Greatly reduced civil costs
  • Road construction strength retained



No Dig Solutions: Sewers/Tunnels

Install into existing infrastructure = typically 60% faster than other installation methods

  • Little traffic/pedestrian disruption
  • Increased duct protection thanks to infrastructure depth and structural integrity
  • No right of way procedures
  • Weathering and UV resistance